The TIBALDI fountain pen nibs are made in stainless steel with ebonite feeder – a precious rare feature that guarantees high quality writing performance.


Wash the nib regularly under lukewarm running water, without using any other cleaning product. Washing is necessary in cases where the flow of the ink is intermittent or has stopped. To prevent the pen from leaking, keep it filled and carry it with the nib turned upwards.


1. Use the converter included:

  • unscrew the pen section
  • twist the black end of the converter counterclockwise until it stops
  • dip the entire nib into the ink bottle
  • draw the ink into the reservoir, twisting the black end of the converter clockwise
  • to finish, twist the filling knob half a turn counterclockwise, letting a little ink drip out to release air
  • screw the pen section back into the barrel
  • wipe the nib clean with a damp, lint-free clot

2. or the disposable cartridges:

  • unscrew the pen section
  • insert the ink cartridge until it stops in order to puncture its protection seal
  • wait for ink to come out of the nib, this should take about 60 seconds
  • screw the section back into the barrel